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Rid Yourself of the Burden of Your

It is not uncommon for timeshare owners to want to terminate their agreements.  Situations change and what may have seemed like a perfect purchase years ago, can become a financial burden.  Some timeshare owners try to sell their shares so they can rid themselves of the problem, but finding a buyer can take months or even years. Did you know? Selling isn’t the only way to legally free yourself of your unwanted acquisition.  Nationwide Settlement Solutions is here to help you get rid of your timeshare. Learn how!

The Downsides to Selling Your Timeshare

Unfortunately, dealing with the sale of a timeshare is not an enjoyable experience.  More often than not, timeshares are sold at a loss and that loss doesn’t include the thousands of dollars that the owner had to front in order to sell the shares.  Also, even though a timeshare owner has paid out money to a company for the selling of their property, that sale is not guaranteed, and owners find themselves losing big money. A quick search on Google for timeshare resale scams will quickly show you how risky timeshare reselling is, you can visit http://www.scam-detector.com/travel-scams/timeshare-resale or any accredited website to gain a better understanding.

Terminating Your Timeshare Instead

Fortunately, there are alternate timeshare solutions that will assist holders in getting rid of their timeshare. Timeshare termination is a risk-free way for owners to put an end to mortgage and maintenance fees. Termination is perfectly legal because often during the initial sales process, there are fraudulent practices that occur. Sometimes a prospective buyer is told that a timeshare is an investment that will increase over time.  Other times, potential purchasers are lured by the false guarantee that when they book their time at their timeshare, they will be given precedence over non-timeshare owners. There are numerous other ways in which timeshare sellers coerce buyers into making what seems like a dream purchase. Because of this, timeshare termination is becoming the preferred method for relieving owners of their unwanted holdings. Nationwide Settlement Solutions can help you evaluate if your situation is eligible for timeshare termination and can guide you through the process.

Guaranteed Solution

The best part about termination is that it is guaranteed to dissolve timeshare ownership.  By following the legal process for termination, shareholders do not have to worry about any negative effects on their credit.  This option is far better than withholding maintenance or mortgage payments while waiting to sell. Timeshare termination is a legal procedure and relatively painless when compared to selling.

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