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Timeshare Termination

You thought your timeshare was a good idea at the time but now you’re not so sure. At the time of signing the contract, you may have been informed that such a contract cannot be canceled. Now you may not want to be committed to a lifetime of these financial obligations. What they didn’t tell you is that you can terminate it–here’s why:

Circumstances Under Which You Can Terminate a Timeshare.

If You Can Answer “Yes” To Any Of The Questions Below:

  • If you were told your timeshare is a great investment and would increase in value.
  • If you were told your timeshare can be rented to cover your purchase price, maintenance fees, and make extra money.
  • If you were told you must purchase today because the price will be increased tomorrow.
  • If you were told that you were attending an “owner update” meeting that was nothing more than a sales presentation.
  • If you were told your timeshare can give you tax incentives or can be refinanced.
  • If you were NOT told how long you had to cancel the purchase
  • If your 90-minute timeshare presentation lasted in excess of four hours.

You can cancel during the “cooling off” period. Every timeshare contract assigns a period during which the buyer of the timeshare can cancel the contract and the length period varies from state to state. You can file a claim if there was a promise that the shares would have increased interest over time and increased value of the resale but this was not the case.If there was a promise that the purchase of the timeshare was a financial investment, but it ended up costing you more in financial obligation, you can litigate the timeshare company to release you from the timeshare.

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